May 052016
Leicester players wear GPS vests in training to record their every movement

Everyone loves a fairytale, but how many do you know that involve beetroot shots and ice chambers reaching -135C?

As much as Leicester City’s transformation from relegation favourites to Premier League champions has been cast as fantasy football, the reality is a lot more calculated.

Diligent owners, resourceful scouting and an effervescent manager have played a telling part. But an innovative sports science and medical team, carefully integrated into the decision-making process, has created a perfect model for success.

Leicester are not alone in using cutting-edge technology in the Premier League, of course, but using beetroot shots as a performance enhancer and ice chambers to improve recovery do mark them out from the crowd.

The key difference is how manager Claudio Ranieri includes them in his plans. As former Liverpool fitness and conditioning coach Darren Burgess told BBC Sport: “Quite often, the coaches don’t listen.”

The result? A team that has suffered the fewest injuries, according to,