His right leg cocked and rested on a chair, his voice loud and resolute, the arm of his tiny spectacles repeatedly jabbing in the direction of the witness box, State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel looked Oscar Pistorius in his reddened eyes, and dismantled almost every aspect of how the Olympic sprinter claims he shot and killed his girlfriend.

Mar 292014

It was possibly the fastest genocide in history. They called it work – “Kasi” – carried out with methodical planning and execution. Guns, grenades, spears, studded clubs, hatchets but mostly kitchen knives were used. Many women were raped before they were murdered. The final solution was planned and proclaimed by national and local government, and carried out by the army and police and the ordinary people guided by traditional social hierarchies based on the Collines – hills of Rwanda. All were urged on by radio stations and some public officials, and carried out with appalling efficiency.



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