Leaders and delegates from 46 countries have pledged to fight the £12bn illegal wildlife trade together for the first time. In what has been called a “watershed” moment in the battle to save some of the world’s most endangered species, the governments have committed to ensure that the poaching of animals such as elephants and rhinos, and the subsequent trafficking of their parts, are classed as “serious crimes”.



Puffins, Cliff Tiger Beetles and Little Terns are among dozens of coastal species that are in danger becoming extinct in the UK in the coming decades, as rising sea levels and warmer water destroy their habitat, according to the National Trust.


Aug 072013

Butterfly watching has hit an  all-time high in Britain, as a sharp decline in social prejudice towards interests perceived as weird or effeminate has allowed lovers of “the souls of summer hours” to come out of the closet.



After a ropey year for British agriculture, with a soggy summer and long winter leaving many farmers empty of pocket and heavy under the eyes, this week brings relief: the 150th Royal Bath & West.



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