Jardine Matheson, a giant £40bn-a-year conglomerate with a hand in everything from luxury hotels to used-car sales, has been accused of threatening the survival of endangered species such as the Sumatran elephant by cutting down swathes of “the world’s last great rainforests”.

Apr 262015

The sickly scent of a Spanish interloper is getting stronger and stronger, a conservation charity has warned. While thousands of us enjoy the sight of the violet bloom of the bluebell at this time of year, how many of us realise that increasingly we are falling for a devilish foreign charmer? And it is getting serious, for, according to the charity Plantlife, the invading Spanish bluebell has doubled in numbers in the past 15 years.

Rare shark birth photographed for the first time

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Jan 142015

A photograph believed to be the first picture showing the live birth of a thresher shark has one scientist very excited. The BBC reported the picture was taken by Attila Kaszo during a 2013 research dive in the Philippines and now has been published in Coral Reef, the official journal of International Society for Coral Reef Studies.