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To place your ad with AWOL Classifieds you first need to be registered and logged in, and then choose a category for your ad, which are split into two groups, Free or Premium.

Free Ad Categories

General – Sports – Personals – Wanted – Property Wanted

All Free Ads can have up to 50 words and will be live for 90 days online, and a minimum of 4 weeks in the printed AWOL. Any ads that should have been placed in a Premium category but were instead placed in a Free category will not be approved.

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Premium Ad Categories

Auto – Business – Property For Sale or Rent

The rates for Premium Ads are as follows:


Items priced up to 10,000 baht, 13 weeks for 500 baht

Items priced over 10,000 baht, 13 weeks for 1000 baht

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Business, Services and Property

4 weeks for 500 baht, 13 weeks for 1000 baht. Property can also be advertised in other ways – please go here for details.

All Auto and Premium Ads can have up to 50 words online. Both online and print ads will run for the same duration.

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