AWOL Design is all about getting great value promotional assistance for your business, brand, product or service; whether it is designing a website, advertising materials, setting up social media, slogans, menus, brochures, a unique logo or a custom package encompassing some or all of these things, we can help you. With our background in print and web publishing, we know what works and more importantly, what will work for you. If you already have part of what you need we can adapt what you are happy with to the medium you want to use it in, tweak existing designs or give you a fresh new look but with a hint of your familiar previous materials.

We will work for and with you, but will advise when we believe an existing idea or design is not working and come up with an alternative; while we do live by the old motto ‘the customer is always right’, it may be that what was right at one time may not be right, right now. With our own existing publication, the weekly AWOL newspaper, we can also offer advertising space at great prices, but more importantly, the contacts we have with the other local publications will enable us to best advise when, where and how much ad space would be best for you, depending on your budget.

The final piece in the design puzzle is the often neglected aspect of printing; we can arrange to get printing done for you, but we encourage our customers to look into arranging it themselves, partly because there are so many variables that affect print quality, such as type, size, quality and thickness of the paper used, as well as how different print shops will charge for the number of colours used, whether they will deliver etc. Obviously the bottom line for all customers will be ‘how much will it cost?’ and while we can answer that question for our design work, it is much more difficult to have a price list for printing, and quotes have to be obtained for each job. Again we can advise what would work best for your job and budget, but it should be remembered that most large printing companies will not offer great value on small print runs. Printing in Thailand is relatively expensive so it is worth doing a little local research on it before committing to the design process.