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Corporate Fascism Takeover


 The west is becoming more Corporate Fascist every day but you have still got the vast majority of people living their lives in ignorant bliss while the dark forces of evil take over step by step at an alarming rate. There is intensification between this evil and good in the world today and evil is winning. Encouragingly, people are starting to wake up but it all seems too little too late.

In the last decade we have witnessed the horrific false flag operation of the 9/11 attacks. It would appear these attacks were committed by criminals who work inside the US government and the US military with the aid from the Israeli Mossad, yet despite overwhelming evidence to prove it’s all lies, these criminals have blamed it all on Muslims operating from caves in Afghanistan. The public have swallowed the lies hook line and sinker. When confronted by the convincing evidence which points to government lies and deception you hear people ask “why would these leaders do this to their own people in their own country”, but you have to realize, these elite Illuminati bankers who have planned all this have no allegiance to any country. They are Globalists and have been planning world control for hundreds of years. For years they have infiltrated our financial systems, politics, health care, science, education and of course the media. The false flag 9/11 operation they orchestrated has given them the excuse to impose evil wars on the world alongside the creation of police state doctrine in the name of security.

America is now a police state and the dark forces of evil become more blatant every day as the economy implodes. This fascist philosophy is spreading throughout the world, and like all fascist regimes throughout history, they use lies, deception and fear to get their way. If this means creating terror attacks and blaming others then they have no hesitation in using these tactics. Mankind is becoming more insane everyday as we are fed lie after lie along with the fluoride, vaccination poisons and toxic food imposed on us by unelected committees answering only to corporate fascism.

Not many seem to care as illegal wars justified by lies kill millions of people, depleted uranium used to poison the earth for thousands of years to come, trillions of dollars going missing unaccountable by the Pentagon, the 9/11 official story torn apart, the global warming scam exposed, fascist police state imposed on us and civil liberties removed in the name of security. The list goes on. But people will object only when it affects them, like taxes go up by crippling levels, inflation reduces wealth, pensions and pay is cut while services that have previously been taken for granted are going to diminish. And all to pay for the bankers so-called bailouts which are of course nothing less than theft and looting of the world economy.

Wake up folks and look whats happening! In the US they have even announced they are cutting the military pensions and health care. The Internet free speech is under attack. People are being spied on, their e-mails and internet activity monitored, phones are being bugged and while Homeland Security is seizing domain names, people are being treated like cattle at airports, subjected to humiliation of naked body scanners, their genitals being groped, the TSA are allowed to put their hands inside peoples pants and grope around whether they are pregnant woman, children or even babies. Anyone opting out of the hazards of the naked body scanner radiation are to be considered “domestic terrorists” alongside anyone who criticizes the government or are anti war or members of a peace movement. These body scanners are to be used in other areas of society, like government buildings, train stations, banks, even shopping malls. Do you really believe all this is for the sake of improved security? No way – this is fascism control flexing their muscles letting us know who is in charge.

The world economies are capitulating and it’s all being done in a deliberate controlled manner by the private bankers who meet in secret to plan their world take over plans. We are witnessing riots in Europe against austerity measures and pensions being cut. Workers now need to work years longer to qualify for their pensions they already paid for to pay the bankers who have stolen their money!  Last week the banking head of Ireland openly suggested the top world bankers, i.e. those who own J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Citi Bank etc. should effectively run Ireland and take over every aspect of their society. This has all been planned. Individual bankers created this mess and are now being awarded by the complete takeover of countries. Whole Greek Islands have been given to the heads of the banking elite. Portuglal is next on their list, then Spain, then Italy, then France, then the UK and finally Germany. The IMF and World Bank will soon own Europe!  A complete takeover of countries without a shot being fired, and all out in the open, in full view of the zombiefied public who believe everything they watch on TV and think conspiracy theorists are nutters.

All this banking takeover of Europe is now coming to the US. The US infrastructure is being sold off. It is reported China now owns Texas oil. The US debt is just a black hole that’s impossible to get out of. Austerity measures will soon bite. A breakdown of society is imminent. The powers that be have set up Homeland Security to deal with civil disobedience. Fema prison camps lie in wait for whole families to be taken to, all have trains leading to the camps similar to Nazi concentration camps and hundreds of thousands of plastic coffins lie in wait. This is all denied of course. Consider the fact the Oakland Police Force have listed crimes they will not be able respond to anymore once the austerity measures go through. These crimes include burglary, theft, embezzlement, grand theft, identity theft, loud music, possess forged notes, pass fictitious check, obtain money by false voucher, fraudulent use of access cards, stolen license plate, embezzlement, extortion, attempted extortion, vandalism, administer/expose poison to another and the list goes on… Isn’t this the beginning of a complete breakdown of society that these crimes will go unchecked?

Consider the Global Warming (climate change) scammers. If you knew the people who are at the forefront of the global warming scam you will see they have no care for the environment, they are only using the lies of man made global warming to take control of our lives more. The stuff they are advocating is outright control of every aspect of our lives. Using climate change legislation, people will not be allowed to run small farms, only huge corporations will be able to survive, and these huge corporations want to stop us from growing our own chemical free food. Small businesses will be crippled with carbon taxes and rules which will make it impossible for them to operate fairly because the rules will be made by big businesses like Monsanto. Ordinary small farm people will be relocated as the elite use the excuse of the environment to take control of the world’s rural land. Yet people are being fooled by the lies and deceit of man made global warming thinking it’s only people who don’t care about the environment who object. All this information is available on the internet, you won’t find it on TV, but soon the internet alternative information will be shut down and big brother will have total control.

What can we do about this? Why don’t we just tell the bankers to “F” off, default on all the debt, and create our own currency for the people which has nothing to do with the criminal bankers? Brazil did that 10 years ago and it’s economy is now flourishing like never before. It’s not too late. People need to come out of denial, stop arguing with or discrediting the messengers and direct their anger at the true enemy – the Illuminati bankers. What do you say?


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