AWOL is available every Friday in various forms; as a printed weekly newspaper distributed in the Hua Hin area of Thailand, in an online ‘page flip’ version, and as a PDF download. All the issues we have ever produced are available in the online formats, and if you are very lucky you might still find some of our older issues lurking in one of the many establishments we deliver to (over 200 as of December 2014).

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Just Published! Here is the latest AWOL to either download or view online in ‘page flip’ format – we hope you enjoy it!

If the above link does not work on your device, you can also get the current issue of AWOL from our page on MediaFire, where you can also find all the back issues.
Ye Olde Buffalo Tavern
Hua Hin Ham Bacon and Meat Co.
Go Kart Hua Hin

  One Comment to “Go AWOL!”

  1. Free DVD’s to Hua Hin prison inmates:

    I have hundreds of DVD’s that I don’t want -most have Thai language alternative or sub titles -the British consulate in Samui used to give them to the inmates there & they really appreciated it…..would like to do the same here but :

    1. Can’t get a phone number for Prison 2. Will person in charge be corrupt & sell them on ? 3.Any ideas how to help-ie is there a USA/Any country consulate in Hua Hin as there appears not to be a Brit. & if so has anyone got his contact details please?