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Finger-pointing, rebukes bog down migrant-crisis meet

Friday much-anticipated international conference on the Southeast Asian migrant crisis began with calls to action, but quickly bogged down amid rebukes and conflict over one of the region’s most-contentious issues: Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims.


FPO prudent about 3.7% growth forecast

Thailand can achieve the Finance Ministry’s economic growth forecast of 3.7% this year if 70% of budget expenditure is taken out and exports grow at least 0.2%, says a senior official at the Fiscal Policy Office (FPO).

Chelsea to give their all against Thai team

Chelsea captain John Terry promised an entertaining match against hosts Thailand in the Blues’ first post-season tour match since being crowned the Premier League champions.

Fishing minnows slam coastal trawlers

A group of independent fishermen on Thursday urged the government not to condone controversial net-fishing practices by registering commercial vessels plying Thai coastal waters.

Britain's tied-visa rules fuel abuse of maids, nannies

LONDON — When Susi, a single mother from the Philippines, left for a job in Qatar, she convinced herself it was a sacrifice worth making for her children at home.

Thai children's IQ scores fall again

The Public Health Ministry has mounted a fresh campaign to try to spur intelligence and emotional development among school children after the results of their intelligence quotient (IQ) tests came in below the global average again.  

Thai TV directors face NBTC ban

Regulators have threatened to ban directors of cash-strapped Thai TV Co from running broadcasting businesses for three years if the company returns it two digital-TV licences.

Thailand, Japan sign bullet-train deal

Thailand and Japan on Wednesday signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate on the possible introduction of Japan’s shinkansen bullet-train technology into the kingdom.

Glittering year for Myanmar's golden pagoda

As he smooths a gold plaque on the glistening flank of Myanmar’s most prestigious Buddhist pagoda, a merchant pays his ancestors the highest honour — and contributes to a bumper year of donations to re-gild the sacred site.

Signs uncertain, but migrant crisis may be abating

HONG KONG — No boats of Southeast Asian migrants have landed since the last one washed ashore in Indonesia a week ago. Search and rescue vessels from Malaysia and Indonesia have found no more migrants at sea. Some refugees appear to be returning to Myanmar.

Qatar, Etihad add Bangkok flights from Middle East

Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways will increase their flight capacities between the Persian Gulf and Thailand in response to stronger travel demand and fiercer competition.

Asia's migrant domestic workers rally to fight low pay, abuse

Suay Ing was nine when she was first employed as a domestic worker, cleaning for a family and sleeping in their laundry room in Chiang Mai for 300 baht a month.

NRC sums up 129 changes to charter draft

Two panels of the National Reform Council (NRC) on Tuesday proposed changes to 129 points in the constitution draft, reducing its content to around 100 sections from 315.

"Two baht every 10 seconds"

A Facebook user on Monday posted a video of a taxi fare meter that increased by two baht every 10 seconds.

Detention of students will worsen divide

The recent arrest of more than 30 university students engaged in peaceful anti-coup protests shows the military regime remains intent on silencing all forms of dissent.

Thailand deploys landing ship as base for migrant-relief effort

The navy will deploy a landing-platform dock ship in the Andaman Sea to provide humanitarian assistance to migrants found adrift as a complement to air patrols by the United States.

Crime wave washes 11 Nakhon Pathom cops from posts

Eleven top Nakhon Pathom police officers – including a brother of the national police chief – have been transferred to inactive posts following a string of crimes in the Central region.

Shot in the name of art

This short documentary celebrates the late conceptual artist Chris Burden’s landmark work “Shoot”, in which a friend shot him in the arm.

Mass graves spur new trafficking charges

Police plan to press additional charges of transnational crime against 46 of 77 suspects currently in police custody for human trafficking in the South.

Mass graves of suspected Rohingya migrants found in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR – A mass grave believed to contain bodies of Myanmar Rohingya migrants has been found by police in northern Malaysia, Malaysian Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said on Sunday.