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Death toll in Washington mudslide hits 39

Medical examiner’s office said it was identifying three more bodies recently discovered.


Phila. robbers steal $105K from armored truck

Two masked men with assault rifles confront guards outside bank.

Agency: Target hackers may take years to find

Investigators close to gaining a full understanding of the methods hackers used.

Photographing Alzheimer's patients helps with her loss

Her father committed suicide at age 84 after his diagnosis.

Ammo factory explosion kills 1 in Tenn.

The plant made ammunition for hunting, law enforcement and the military.

Missing Neb. boy, 3, found in toy claw machine

Mother called police to report her son had gotten out of their home while she was in the bathroom.

Kansas shooter admired 'lone wolf' assailants

Alleged killer warned of future attacks

Judge: Tsarnaev can view autopsy photos of bombing victims

Judge also considers family visits without an FBI monitor.

Winter weather makes encore, sets records

Metro Detroit surpassed the snowiest winter on record Tuesday morning.

Man with 'hoax device' frays nerves at Boston Marathon site

Boston police arrested a man after the Boston Marathon anniversary ceremony.

Case of missing S.D. girls solved after 40 years

Police found the skeletal remains of the girls inside a car last September.

Out-of-water survival craft at issue in House bill

Marine safety experts say legislation provides inadequate protection for ship passengers.

SD jury sentences man to death in carjack killing

Sioux Falls jury chose death penalty, though jurors could have sentenced him to life.

Does Tuesday's 'blood' eclipse signal the End Times?

First of four full lunar eclipses in two years will be visible in the USA.

Big raises in Minn.; minimum wage now among highest

Minnesota joins states raising minimum wage

Gunman injures three at Calif. strip mall

One victim targeted, two others hit by bullets sprayed around San Bernardino parking lot.

Judge set to issue key Ohio gay marriage ruling

Gay couples who wed in states that allow same-sex marriage want their marriages recognized.

Police: Utah mom admits killing 6 newborns

The 39-year-old mother was ordered held on $6M bond.

Homeland strife can keep foreign students from studies

24-hour access to news on multiple platforms can raise anxiety.

Tax returns go from post office to digital

Even the IRS chief is filing electronically this year.


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