Hua Hin Live!


As Hua Hin has grown, the quality and quantity of live entertainment has increased with it; the town is probably best known for the international Jazz Festival held every year, but several other annual live music events now also take place, and the Vic Hua Hin performing arts complex has added a significant cultural presence to the area. There is an increasingly vibrant local music scene ranging from cool jazz cafes to grungy rock clubs, as well as a variety of bars, pubs and hotels who host regular ‘house’ bands. This section of the AWOL website, in conjunction with the Balloon Chasers section in the paper is an attempt to bring all the available information on the cultural scene in the area in to some order to enable visitors and residents alike to find their preferred entertainment and events.

This section is still being populated with information, but when it is complete there will be an alphabetical Venue Guide, a Calendar of Events, a Genre Guide and other sections to add to what is in the newspaper. You can aid this gathering of information by using the Add An Event page to put your venue and regular, one off or occasional event on the Hua Hin map. You can also send your information to us by email – .

Watch this space!

Ye Olde Buffalo Tavern
Hua Hin Ham Bacon and Meat Co.
Go Kart Hua Hin

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