Advertise On AWOLonline


The AWOL sites receive over 200 unique visitors a day (266 daily average in 2015), with over 7,500 daily page views (average from January to July 2016), so placing an advert on our pages can be highly effective. Adverts can be placed on any of our sub-sites – AWOLonline, Forum, Classifieds, Property, Directory, Travel, Motoring, Business or Design – or all of them if you choose the appropriate package.

We offer three basic sizes – a small rectangle (160 x 160 pixels), a banner (728 x 90 pixels) or a skyscraper (160 x 600 pixels). Pricing for these is as follows;

 Prices (per month)
Size Position On home page of one of our sub sites plus one other page On all our home pages plus one other page Extra page Minimum booking
160 x 160 Left or right 50 baht

100 baht

20 baht

12 months
160 x 600 Left or right 90 baht 

180 baht 

728 x 90 Top of page 100 baht 

200 baht 

728 x 90 Bottom of page 80 baht 

160 baht 

Please either select the option you want and pay via Paypal by clicking the button next to your choice (no Paypal account required), or click here to view other payment options, and  with your requirements.

Ye Olde Buffalo Tavern
Hua Hin Ham Bacon and Meat Co.
Go Kart Hua Hin